Werewolf Woman (1976)

A young woman, driven crazy by being molested as a child (described in this movie as "an unfortunate incident"), thinks she is a werewolf and goes around, guys trying to force themselves on her absolutely everywhere, and then she bites those guys to death. You read this summary and immediately you think, "this must be an Italian movie from the 70s" and you would be right.

This movie starts out pretty interesting, with that fantastic overacting and poor dubbing and fountains of blood you'd expect from a movie of this caliber, but then all the sadistic sexual stuff enters the picture and you basically just have a totally sleazy exploitation movie for the rest of the running time. It's really bad. And, being an exploitation movie, the intent is not to explore the effects of sexual violence, the intent is to show it all in a way to excite the audience. So if you think a woman being attacked by literally every man (and one woman!) she runs across is exciting, this is the movie for you.


Anonymous said...

Man, that doesn't even sound good. Like, I like shitty, sleazy, violent, crap, but that goes beyond that.

Is it boring along with being too extraneous?

newtmonkey said...

It's actually not boring... it's just that the sexual sadism stuff is obviously meant to titillate and that really makes watching this uncomfortable. It's too bad because if they had toned that stuff down this would be a pretty decent Italian sleazy gore flick.

Note that I had no problem with any of the stuff in something like Cannibal Holocaust, because you never get the feeling that anything in that movie is meant to be exploitative.