A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989)

Alice and her boyfriend Dan are back! One year later, everyone has graduated from high school and Alice has even managed to make a whole new group of quirky friends: Greta, who is being forced by her mother to become a supermodel; Yvonne, who is good at diving; and Mark, token awkward weird 80s kid who really like comics.

Freddy is back too, and of course you know you are gonna be watching Alice trying to convince everyone of this for at least the first half of the movie. It gets pretty annoying. She will wake up from a dream or whatever and go, "OH MY GOD IT'S FREDDY WE HAVE TO STOP HIM!!! HE'S BACK!!" You would think after the fifth time she gets the evil eye from whoever she is babbling at she would wise up and be a little less hysterical. Luckily for her, all her friends are killed by Freddy and so eventually people start listening to her. Who's laughing now you jerks?!

As you may recall from the previous entry in the series, Freddy needs to use Alice to get to other kids because he can only kill the original Elm Street kids. Alice isn't an original Elm Street kid, but her friend Kristen, who was, gave Alice the Dream Master power before being killed. You may recall that the Dream Master power allows you to bring your friends to Freddy to be killed, regardless of what street they are from.

But wait! Alice doesn't sleep ever so how is this happening? Well, the Dream Master power is apparently hereditary and it has passed down to Alice's ugly unborn baby. And since babies are useless and all they do is sleep all day that gives Freddy plenty of chances to kill Alice's new friends in fitting and ironic ways. Well Mr. Comic Guy, I hear you like the comics. How much would you like comics if you were killed by them??

This is the general level of creativity that goes into this film. You like ____? Well I'm gonna kill you with ____!

This is possibly the worst movies in the series. The characters are all pretty annoying, though it's not quite at the level where you hate them all instantly. The direction and colors and pretty much everything are such a huge step down from The Dream Master, which is the best looking film in the series. There was only one way to go from here, and that was the way of ridiculousness. But that is a story for another day.


Sean said...

Wait, so if the Dream Master's main ability is to let Freddy kill a bunch of people, why even pass it on?

newtmonkey said...

I don't know. She spends the whole last movie apologizing for sucking her friends into her dreams, because then Freddy can kill them. Then, all of a sudden she's like "ALICE I GIVE YOU MY POWER~" and that's that. It doesn't make any sense.

Noel Kreiss said...


hummm There were some descriptions not correct which you wrote.
Freddy only can kill the original Elm street kids, and Kristen also was the last one.
Kristen's power is - "put people into her dreamland", that's one of dream warrior's power. (every Dream Warrior's power is different we know that)
Alice's power is "creating and infinite imagination" that's why she always was laughed by her father when she had daydreams.
But Alice also has another unknown power is "absorbing power", that's why she accepted Kristen's power, and then absorbed each friend's power who be killed by Freddy. (caused by Kristen's power)

But also this reason, she accepted more friends dream powers and finally become The Dream Master.

So in fifth, there were more complex ways are, Freddy use Alice's unborn child dream to induce Alice's "Kristen Dream Warrior power" to start his killing job. That's a very high level story design.
If I choose this series orders, 4 & 5 -> 3 -> 6 -> 1 -> 2.
In my options, the fifth's horror level and story architecture is really great.

Last, I'm very glad to find your blog! Can read different thoughts writing is a happy thing ;)
Have a nice day

newtmonkey said...

Very detailed explanation, Noel! I plan on revisiting these movies again hopefully this year, so hopefully my opinion of this one will improve. Thank you for visiting the blog :)