The Snake People (1971)

Boris Karloff as a Voodoo priest. Midget guy acting weird. Lady dancing with snakes. A guy that brings his dead girlfriend back as a zombie, leading to plenty of jokes about how she is better as a zombie because she can't sass him.

All this and more is to be discovered in The Snake People (aka "Isle of the Snake People," aka "La Muerte Vivente")!

Some guy goes somewhere to investigate some zombie and voodoo stuff or something. Some other guy's niece shows up to try to drum up support for her little temperance movement, which goes as well as you would expect that to go on Voodoo Island. Of course she falls in love with the alcoholic police guy who, in reaction to all the voodoo troubles relaxes shirtless on a hammock and drinks rum all day.

So that is The Snake People in a nutshell. It's an entertaining movie, don't get me wrong, but there is not a lot to say about it. It's not bad enough to laugh at, but not good enough to go and tell everyone about. But check out the movie poster, which has the best Jeopardy answer ever.

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