Sisters of Death (1977)

Six sorority sisters hold some kind of secret ritual which involves firing an unloaded gun at the new sister (!). Of course, the gun is loaded and the new girl dies. Thus we have the aptly named Sisters of Death.

I have pretty much nothing to say about this movie. It was apparently a made for TV movie or something, or maybe the version I watched is extremely censored, because nothing cool happens at all. Sure, some guy gets electrocuted by the fence regardless of the helpful warning sign the evil insane killer has put up. And I think one girl gets killed by spiders? I might have hallucinated that.

There's one part where these two girls get into a huge fight over whether or not to take a shower. One of the girls decides if she doesn't take a shower, right in the middle of this situation where they are all trapped in a compound being picked off one by one, she will go crazy, so of course she takes a shower and gets killed. Whether or not she would have been killed regardless is an interesting thought experiment for a philosopher of the highest order, but we don't have time for that right now.

Except for that high point, I really have nothing to talk about. The Chilling Classics set has been so good to me up until this past week! What happened?

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