Pink Angels (1976)

A bunch of badass-looking bikers are on their way to L.A. But they are GAY.

This is your movie, and there is really nothing else much to say. You can tell that the movie was meant to be a madcap comedy, because obviously making a serious drama about a bunch of gay bikers was just impossible for mankind back in the mid- to late seventies.

So you get your typical "gay" stuff.  Picking out clothes.  Prissy fights while grocery shopping.  Poetry.

Then suddenly, in a twist ending that turns the movie from embarrassing and ignorant to hateful, all the bikers are executed (not just killed, EXECUTED).  I swear to God, it just happens all of a sudden... one second they are all wearing dresses in a club, and you blink and then they are all dead.  It's like they had no idea how to end the movie.

Which is prophetic in a way, because I have to idea how to end this review.

*is suddenly executed*


Veronica Fish said...

HAHAHA wow, they act JUST like all the gay men I know. JUST LIKE ALL THE GAY MEN

Samwise Bateman said...


that sounds gayreat.

newtmonkey said...

I think this movie had all the gay men in it? That's the impression I got from my research.

newtmonkey said...

Samwise Bateman-

I wouldn't go that far... it's not gayreat, just gayood.

@riel said...

that's what happens when you give a director a camera and a $1,000 budget.

newtmonkey said...

Ariel- it actually looks pretty good! I think this movie had a budget.