Critters 2: The Main Course (1988)

Brad, the little kid from Critters, is back in town. And so are the Crites, the little space monsters that eat everything in their path, and the space bounty hunters that like to hunt them. The Crites will attempt to eat everyone, while everyone will attempt to kill the Crites, for about nintey minutes. There is your movie.

Critters 2 starts out pretty strongly with the bounty hunters searching through some alien caves and being attacked by some gross alien monster. The alien cave set is great, full of smoky bubbling pools of water and tons of shadowy corners for the monsters to hide in. Shortly after that however we land on Earth and that is where the rest of the movie takes place.

Whereas the first movie had a pretty decent script with likable characters and some pretty good humor, Critters 2 is just a mess. The script is terrible. It feels like you are watching a made for TV family movie with some gore shots here and there (they are pretty good gore effects however) and the ending is ridiculous. They even tried to turn the chubby sheriff from the first movie into some kind of badass guy complete with one liners. It doesn't work at all.

The monsters are a lot worse this time around. They sit around eating like pigs and they crack jokes all the time. At this rate I expect them to be wearing sunglasses and surfing in Critters 3.

A big letdown after the amazingly good first movie. I can't believe there are two more of these left. What could they possibly be about?

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